Health & Wellness Coaching

Since early this year, I have been switching gear and putting the focus on my clients through my consulting practice. It has been incredibly rewarding to witness my influencer clients step up their income and take their social media presence to the next level. It has also been equally rewarding to see a handful of vegan organizations and brands made it to the front page of various national publications through our PR efforts. More than anything it’s just been a huge relief to take the attention away from my own social media. 


This month marked yet another new chapter for me as I’ve started my own holistic wellness program with a small group of clients this week. Each one of them has been blessed with a daunting challenge to reverse their dis-ease ranging from diabetes, throat cancer, obesity and stage 4 breast cancer. While most people view a diagnosis (particularly the C word) as a dreadful experience, I truly see it as a blessing in disguise. Looking back, I can clearly see how my Giant Fibroadenoma diagnosis changed my life for the better. It was my wake up call to start prioritizing my health and becoming acutely mindful of what I put in my body and surround myself with. The stakes are always high but a chronic disease diagnosis can often be the catalyst for transformative life changes.   

The majority of my clients have opted out of conventional/toxic treatments like chemotherapy and unnecessary surgeries. They instead have opted for the road less traveled and one that I chose for myself: a radical change in diet and lifestyle. It is a scary and exciting time. I am embracing the fear as much as the excitement. Radical remissions from all types of chronic diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. I've even seen several from my own client base and it is my firm belief that with the right mindset, proper nutrition & a non-toxic lifestyle, healing is possible at any stage of any disease. 

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