My 10 Day Reset Cleanse

Before and After My 10 day Reset Cleanse. I lost a total of 13 lbs in 10 days.

Before and After My 10 day Reset Cleanse. I lost a total of 13 lbs in 10 days.

Ah I am loving all the pictures of your new juicer on my social media. Now that you all have a new juicer, I’m going to outline my 10 day Reset Cleanse that I just recently completed:

Day 1-3: I alternated between green juices and carrot juices every other hour. Plus I gave myself a big glass of smoothie in the morning made with blueberries, bananas and coconut water.

Day 4: I added a plate of raw salad + a spoonful of raw macadamias. I used apple cider vinegar, lemon + half of a teaspoon of olive oil for my dressing. I recommend creating your own dressing during the cleanse vs. buying pre-packaged dressing. If you are not hungry feel free to skip this step and continue on with the juices and smoothies.

Day 5: I did a 24 hour water fast so I only drank water and decaf herbal teas.

Day 6-10: I continued drinking my juices with no smoothies or meals in between. I used a 80/20 ratio of green vegetables to fruit juices.

Please do not add sugar of any kind (even natural sources of sugar) to your juices and smoothies. I also recommend that you make your juices and smoothies at home and don’t let them sit for too long. Ideally they should be consumed as soon as they are made to maintain their highest nutritional value. If you’re out and about, get your fresh juice/smoothie made to order from places like The Juice Parlor. I would avoid any store packaged juices as most of them are filled with sugar and have very little nutritional value. Stick to fresh juices and smoothies.

For a complete day to day detailed plan filled with juice and smoothie recipes along with tips to maximize your cleanse, feel free to purchase my 10 Day Reset Cleanse here.

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I hope this helps. As always, feel free to comment below for questions and keep juicing on!