Photo: Gabriella Muttone Photography

Agnes Muljadi is a Los Angeles based writer, speaker, holistic nutritionist, and vegan ballerina. Known as @artsyagnes on Instagram, Agnes’ plant-based journey began in 2014 shortly after she discovered a rapidly growing tumor on her breast. Within a year subsequent to her diagnosis, Agnes radically changed her diet and lifestyle to begin transforming her health from within.

Through her holistic wellness platform and coaching practice, Agnes continues to empower and educate people to take charge of their health and transform their life by adopting a plant-based diet and sustainable lifestyle. This year, Agnes has added a second component to her coaching practice through the creation of her Investment & Legacy Mastermind group dedicated to wealth creation and legacy planning.

Agnes has received extensive media coverage for her diverse talents. She has been featured in numerous publications including Dance Magazine,  Huffington Post and SheKnows. In 2018, Agnes was named one of 75 Prominent Influencers by Thrive Global.

In addition to her work as a coach, public speaker and influencer, Agnes is also a classically trained dancer at Julia Bourlina Classical Ballet in Studio City, CA.